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Aspiring cloud engineer enthusiastic about how cloud components integrate to create a robust & flexible IT environment

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Support Lead | November 2018 - Dec 2019

Provided live chat & email support for clients with physical products as well as SAAS while adhering to individual client business policies. Promoted to support lead to act as liaison between client and HiOperator

  • Acted as support lead to oversee a range of company clients and assisted in helping the company scale from 10 agents to 40+
  • Prevented ticket errors by continuously reviewing client support tickets for quality assurance according to constantly evolving client standards
  • Documented and revised multiple client standard operating procedures in internal company Google document
  • Mentored and guided agents on most current procedures as well updates to product availability and knowledge
  • Coordinated weekly meeting agenda for internal groups including teleconferences and videoconferences, interacting with all levels of management


Sales Associate | July 2018 - November 2019

Consistently met or exceeded personal quotas by collaboratively working with sales team to reach targets

  • Used consultative sales approach to understand customer needs and recommend relevant offerings
  • Worked with sales team to collaboratively reach targets, consistently meeting or exceeding personal quotas


Mobile Consultant | Oct 2017 - Feb 2018

Consulted with customers to offer recommendations on communication products including phones,tablets, premium television, and internet products

  • Boosted store revenue by developing and attaining customer experience and sales objectives


Junior Developer | Feb 2016-May 2016

Assisted in developing UI layout and front-end programming for a internal web application

  • Expanded knowledge by keeping abreast of emerging technologies, software and trends and project applications
  • Gained exposure to and developed a basic understanding of app databases utilizing MongoDB,Postgres and MySQL

Apple Inc.

Specialist | Sept 2011 - June 2015

Exhibited a comprehensive understanding of Apple products and services to customers that best fit individual needs.

  • Conducted on-site product demonstrations to highlight features, answer customer questions and redirect concerns toward positive aspects of Apple products and services.
  • Provided IOS troubleshooting support to Genius Bar on an needed basis
  • Facilitated engaging digital learning experiences for youth utilizing Apple creative software technology
  • Acted as a member of the setup team to develop customer relationships with the Apple culture.
  • Member of Apple visual Team responsible for maintaining a compelling presentation of of products that engage customers



A project featuring a DynamoDB backend an HTML/CSS front-end and a Lambda function in the middle to connect everything.

Technologies used: SAM, DynamoDB, API Gateway, HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript,Git, Lambda, Route 53, Cloudfront.
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API Gateway


Daemen College

Amherst,NY | Marketing

General Assembly

Washington,DC | Web Development Immersive


Certified Solutions Architect Associate